We have the most advanced fragrance polymer technology on the market. We are constantly developing new materials and technologies for the creation of consumer and industrial fragrance products. Our abilities range from perfume promotional items, toys, home fragrance products, car air fresheners, industrial/institutional fragrance delivery systems, industrial odor elimination & remediation, waste management odor control, computer controlled fragrance systems and electronic fragrance machines/devices/systems. Whether in materials development or new manufacturing techniques, we have developed and continue to develop new technologies on an ongoing basis. Please contact us to review our latest advances in fragrance delivery technology.

Aromafuse Greenline Fragrance Bio-Polymers
Our latest developments in the field of fragrance polymer materials are innovative, patent pending and good for mother earth. We have created a range of fragranced bio-polymers that allow for the development of scented products while using sustainable materials that are non dependant on petroleum. We have taken this further and worked with various fragrance oil manufacturers to create fragrances compatible with these materials using 100% non petroleum materials.