We have the most advanced fragrance polymer technology on the market. We are constantly developing new materials and technologies for the creation of consumer and industrial fragrance products. Our abilities range from perfume promotional items, toys, home fragrance products, car air fresheners, industrial/institutional fragrance delivery systems, industrial odor elimination & remediation, waste management odor control, computer controlled fragrance systems and electronic fragrance machines/devices/systems. Whether in materials development or new manufacturing techniques, we have developed and continue to develop new technologies on an ongoing basis. Please contact us to review our latest advances in fragrance delivery technology.

Aromafuse Fragrance Plastics
Our line of Aromafuse fragrance plastic products are the most advanced and fragrance sensitive materials of their kind available on the market today. Through our multiphase dispersion compounding technology we have developed a method of integrating fragrance in a wide range of polymers at lower heats than have ever been used before. Through the use of a low heat process, we preserve the fragrance in it's purest form and assure that all fragrance integrated into these materials makes it into the final product. We offer a broad range of products that work with various plastics, offering these as either direct use compounds or highly loaded concentrates engineered for efficient let down. We offer these materials in 100% virgin material, or in our new ReScentâ„¢ base containing as much as 25% post consumer waste for environmentally responsible product creation when possible. To learn about what makes our products unique, along with the range of Aromafuse products, please click here.